About Alanna Canaran

I’m on a mission to increase ocean literacy and strive for a better ocean through conservation, education, blue therapy, and scuba diving. Let me help to ignite the naturalist flame in your young budding biologist at home. I’ll nurture their desire to learn about the environment, conservation, and the wonders of our natural world.

My Credentials

  • BSc Marine Biology
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor

Some of my favorite topics to teach are: exploring our relationship with the ocean, highlighting the creatures that live in the big blue, sustainability, gardening, upcycling projects, and conducting science experiments.

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the ocean, so I’d like to bring the ocean to my students; through storytelling, virtual trips and dives, discussion, current events, experiments, history, and art.

Throughout my courses, I’ll share my experiences working as a diver at an aquarium, a whale watch tour guide, a STEM outreach coordinator, a freelance naturalist, a dive professional, and an ocean-entrepreneur. I have 10 years of working with youth in both natural and classroom settings. I strive to make my courses both educational and engaging while fostering a community for your aspiring young naturalist to grow and learn. Let’s Dive in!