Our Teachers

Meet the Kidimy Teachers

Kidimy is proud to select the absolute best teachers who present excellent teaching, care for their students and fun.

Kidimy teachers are the industry’s best. With global reach, experience and knowledge, our instructors don’t just educate, they engage in a dynamic way to help each student advance at their own pace.

Their vast skills in educating are delivered with thought, care and individualized focus to each student within a welcoming, encouraging and fun environment. Safety is our utmost priority, and continually provides a comfortable and inclusive experience.

Interesting in becoming part of the Kidimy Teaching Team?  We invite you to learn more and apply!

Sameera Ahmed

Religious Studies

My mission to build up foundation of children’s mind set and introduce them to their creator

Sarah Conner

Website Development

I love to learn and pass the love of learning to my students, Insha Allah. I also love to see my students grow.

Alanna Canaran

Marine Biology

I’m on a mission to increase ocean literacy and strive for a better ocean through conservation, education, blue therapy, and scuba diving.

Habeeb Quadri

IT Expert

I have been an educator for 22 years. I have taught at public school/ private schools and universities. I have co-authored 5 books on youth/parenting and education.