Youth and Social Issues

Youth and Social Issues

Islam is comprised of various rulings and injunctions that govern the life of a Muslim. However, the focus of classical Islamic texts has only focused approximately 1/5th of its rulings on acts of worship or the rights of Allah ﷻ. The remaining injunctions were based primarily on social interactions or the rights of creation. However, as we grow closer to the end of time, many of these social interactions grow increasingly confusing, especially as young Muslim.

Most young Muslims are constantly fighting a battle between being a Muslim and being an adolescent in the West. However, neither have to be mutually exclusive. This course will aim to understand the difficulties youth undergo today and help provide them direction when navigating these gray areas.

The War within Our Hearts (2nd Edition) will be used to teach this course. All slides will revolve around this text. Students will be provided with PDFs of selections from the text. Students are recommended to have their own copies.

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12-15 Years Old

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Sameera Ahmed

What is the Learning Goal?

  • Appreciate the nuances for command and prohibitions within Islam.
  • Recognize Wisdom in revelation and prophetic practices.
  • Be proud of what makes them unique as Muslim adolescents in the West.
  • Be equipped with responses – both in action and word – to sensitive and controversial topics.

What are the Assigments?

This course will not focus on homework. Rather, the focus will aim to foster productive discussion within the classroom. Journals will be a part of the weekly classroom process, aiming to engage students in thought-provoking exercises. Most non-journal assignments will be clips students will be asked to view in anticipation of the next class or mini-projects.

What Are the Conditions for Participating in the Program?

There are no prerequisites for this class. However, students must at least be in high school in order to participate in this class.

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