Prophet Stories from the Quran

Prophet Stories from the Quran

We will have weekly ‘Prophet’s Story Time sessions’, where I will narrate Prophets Stories in the most children friendly manner following the chronological order in Quran and then we shall have a classroom discussion about the lessons and teaching we can take from them and how can these teachings be implement in our daily lives.

This class is opened for anyone who loves true inspirational stories. No prior knowledge required. The class is structured to be engaging and students are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions.

Students will have the chance to work on their communication skills while learning how to be critical thinkers and best version of themselves.

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Saturdays 1-2 pm CT

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7-12 Years Old

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Semester Class


Sameera Ahmed

What is the Learning Goal?

Main Goal: To learn to adore Allah and understand how much He loves us through the Quran. To learn about Prophets, their lives, the hardships they faced and their success stories.

Moral Goal: These lessons will motivate children to be the best versions of themselves morally. Guide them to live their lives within the Islamic boundaries and avoid whatever is forbidden by Allah.

Behavioral Goal: The verses from the Holy Quran clearly state the way one must behave specially with their parents, orphans and others in general.

Work-habit Goals: At this tender age children will get into practice of joining the class on time, completing their activities, and submitting them within the given timeline. The activities are short, fun and easy. Positive affirmation and encouragement will be given.

What are the Assigments?

Fun activities related to the topic.

What Are the Conditions for Participating in the Program?

There are no prerequisites for this class.

How To Get Started With Your Zoom Class

Welcome to Prophet Stories from the Quran

Once you are registered for the course, you can click on the icon above to access the Zoom link and password allowing you to join your classes.

Lessons for Prophet Stories from the Quran

How Allah Created the Universe and the first humankind

This is the story of the Beginning. It tells about how Allah made the Universe, planets, animals and finally, the Humankind. Prophet Adam (A.S.) was the first man descended by Allah to earth, along with his wife named Hawwa (Eve). Adam belongs to the 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran.

The Story of the Ark and the Great Flood

This is one of the children’s favorite story in Quran. This story is about Nuh A.s’s patience, how he spread the message of Believing in one God that is Allah and what did he do to save the lives of many animals and humans from the flood?

The Story of the Prophet who lived in the city of Columns

The Prophet Hud was an ancient Arab prophet. The Holy Quran tells the story of the Prophet Hud who travelled to Yemen to preach to the famously large and strong Aad tribe about the one true God.

The Camel of the Prophet Salih

This is a story of Allah's miracles witnessed by many. A rock miraculously split open, revealing a camel. The she-camel had a young calf. This is a story of Allah's abundance on one hand and human's greed and bad intentions on the other.

The Story of the Great Sacrifice

Ibrahim (AS) experienced a dream in which he was ordered to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail (AS). It is a story of Allah's test.

Building the Holy Kaaba

Mecca is the spiritual center of Islam because it is where Quran was revieled and its heart is the Ka'ba, built by Ibraham a.s and his son Ismael a.s, would not you want to know the story behind building it?

The Honored Guests

The story emphasizes Allah’s benevolence towards his faithful and his anger on those who spurn his message.

The Story of Prophet Yousuf a.s

this is one of the most interesting stories in the Quran. its the story of the most handsome man ever walked of the surface of earth, Yousuf a.s was son of prophet Yaqub a.s. This story shows nothing ever works infront of Allah's plan. How a little boy was thrown deep into a well and left alone to die, becomes one of the most influential personality of the time.

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