Phonétique Française (French phonetics)

Phonétique Française (French phonetics)

An introduction and introduction to the study of phonetics of the French language “Introduction à la Phonétique”, where we learn about the objectives of the Phonetics series of the French language, the principles followed during the study, the definition of phonetics, its branches and its importance

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7-18 Years Old

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8 Weeks


Dalia Mahmoud

What is the Learning Goal?

The study of phonetics of the French language aims – at the first level – to:
1 – Identify the French alphabet, spell its letters correctly, and spell words correctly.
2 – Helping to read correctly while showing clear and accurate lettering exits.
3 – Learn about the types of sounds in the French language: static voices, verbal vocalizations, nasal vocalizations and semi-moving sounds.
4 – Learn about written signs and movements in the French language.
5 – Learn the phonetic alphabet of the French language.

What are the Assigments?

Practice in your own time.

What Are the Conditions for Participating in the Program?

1 – All instructions directed to the student must be fully adhered to while submitting this scientific material.
2 – Paying attention to the practical and practical side in terms of listening, speaking and chanting, while turning a blind eye a little from the theoretical side

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