MOVEment For Learning Stretching, Balance & Meditation

 MOVEment For Learning Stretching, Balance & Meditation

This program utilizes brain plasticity to improve a child’s capacity for effective learning. We will explore mindful movements to further a child’s physical, cognitive development. We will invite curiosity, develop focus and concentration, improve posture and confidence, foster creativity and reduce stress.

The brain is designed for movement. In this course we will be moving! Children will be verbally guided through patterns and positions in order to link learning and movement. We are building a better and stronger brain. Every child has the capacity to be an incredible learner and mover.

Course Details

Course Dates

Coming Soon!

Learners Per Class


Course Time

Coming Soon!

Recommended Age

12-15 Years Old

Course Category

Semester Class


Sameera Ahmed

What is the Learning Goal?

  • Improve brain function

  • Experience mental clarity

  • Improve posture & balance

  • Understand the importance of connecting body movements and focusing

  • Increase strength and confidence

What are the Assigments?

What Are the Conditions for Participating in the Program?

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Space for yoga mat, or folded blanket on floor

  • Access to Zoom for course teaching

  • Parents welcomed to join

How To Get Started With Your Zoom Class

Welcome to MOVEment For Learning Stretching, Balance & Meditation

Once you are registered for the course, you can click on the icon above to access the Zoom link and password allowing you to join your classes.

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Duration: Coming Soon!
Lectures: 1
Video: 1 hour
Level: Intermediate