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Kidimy is an education platform to improve young student’s innovation and develop the core skills that they are needed by studying online anywhere, anytime. Through our mission we are working for a positive education change, creating opportunities, and equality for everyone. With everything turning digital around us, we at Kidimy tend to lean towards online methods in teaching and to learn to make kids experience the positive outcome of the most successful educational technology in the years ahead.

Learner vs. Student

How do we create a school culture in which being a learner is more valuable than being a student?

A Learner . . .

  • Learns anytime, anywhere
  • Directs & supports their own learning
  • Works at their own pace
  • Is motivated by the mastery of skills
  • Develops their own learning goals and monitors their own progress
  • Achieves by active collaboration and feedback with others
  • Designs learning experiences based on passions and interests
Muslim girls studying online at home To reduce social distance and prevent communicable diseases

A Student . . .

  • Learns in a classroom
  • Is directed by the teacher
  • Works within the defined time
  • Is motivated by grades
  • Follows goals that are set and monitored by the teacher
  • Achieves by listening and following instruction
  • Experiences teacher-designed activities and projects
Group of preschoolers studying our planet on globe

Creativity is vital!

Also, we at Kidimy firmly believes that digital creativity and innovation in the education process enables young students to build an excellent foundation for what they need to be ready for future work. Adopting digital learning for your kids brings many rewards. For example, when kids opt for online education, they have an enormous scope for exploring the subjects, learning new topics by using flexibility in time to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Moreover, online learning platforms offer children customized learning patterns with improved communicative abilities and a digital frame.

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Essential Skills
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Essential Skills
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Our Policies

Community Guidelines

Kidimy is an online learning community comprised of teachers, students, and parents. We leverage technology to make learning interesting. Notably, the online classes are provided by independent instructors who are in charge of developing their instructional strategies and formats.

As an online community that focuses on fostering the love for learning, we embrace diversity and greatly discourage any of our members from exercising discrimination. We strongly believe that everyone, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and nationality, is entitled to have access to high-quality education, which is what we offer. We thereby have some guidelines for our members to adhere to failure to which results in the removal of an individual from our online platform.

Students Commitment

  • Punctuality. Every student is anticipated to observe punctuality. Hence, learners should join online classes on time and have the will to learn.

  • Respect. Students are anticipated to respect instructors as well as their classmates. Further, be respectful of the differences in ideas, opinions, and beliefs shared among your classmates and instructors.

  • Mode of Dressing. In as much as we offer live classes, each student must take it upon oneself to dress appropriately because this will help create a comfortable environment for not just teachers but also learners.

  • Responsibility. Make it your responsibility to create remarkable learning experiences for yourself and classmates as well. Avoid unnecessary distractions and participate in class. Notably, be participative in a responsible manner that makes the environment feel safe for classmates.

Teachers Commitment

  • Professionalism. Exercise substantial levels of professionalism when teaching. Therefore, as a teacher, be well prepared for each one of the classes you offer and commence the lessons on time. Also, do not teach the students when under the influence of drugs and do not encourage students to engage in behaviors they are not supposed to be doing, especially if they are under 18 years.

  • Communication. Ensure you are available for parents and students when they need you to respond to their inquiries.

  • Compliance. Comply with the classroom content policy that requires instructors to provide rational and age-appropriate lessons.

  • Respect. Treat each one of your learners with considerable respect. Be respectful of their different backgrounds, ideas, and opinions. In general, create a welcoming space for parents and students.

Parents Commitment

  • Commitment. As a parent, you are expected to show up for your classes. A myriad of lessons are reliant on group discussions, and the absence of one learner can have a significant effect.

  • Be inquisitive. Learning takes more than just listening. Therefore, ask your instructors questions to seek clarity.

  • Respectful. You are expected to respect everyone within the community despite the existing differences in regards to backgrounds and beliefs.

  • Be participative. Provide your instructors with constructive feedback and indulge in civil conversations.

Kidimy Commitment

  • Diversity is one of our key pillars in our platform. Therefore, we, as an online community, welcome every individual who is willing to work with us in one way or another regardless of one’s background and beliefs.

  • We value feedback, and this helps us to make the appropriate changes parents, as well as our students and teachers, need.

  • We are a community that values education. Thus, we are primarily committed to ensuring appropriate institutional policies are implemented and reinforced to subsequently provide students and parents with a high-quality education in a trusted and safe online community.

Class Content Policy

As an online learning platform, we have integrated a policy that accommodates our broad audience. Based on our class content policy, Kidimy classes are expected to be not only objective and appropriate but also universal.


Our classroom policy is formulated in a manner that advocates for respect amongst each other regardless of one’s different background and beliefs.​

  • Teachers are also expected to present classwork based on facts, theories, and concepts that are rooted in science.

  • During lessons that touch the issue of religion, instructors should adequately address the subject. However, one should not teach the topic in a manner that advocates for a particular view regarding the aspect of religion.

  • Instructors should create a suitable learning environment for all students regardless of learner’s religious beliefs.

  • Sources used for teaching should demonstrate diversity in the sense that they should be acquired from distinct credible scholars and professional fields

  • Classrooms should not provide discriminatory experiences. Instructors are expected to show substantial respect to all individuals, despite the existing differences in sexual orientation, age, race, and skin complexion.

  • All learners should be encouraged to participate in class, and their differences should not be used against them in class.


Instructors are expected to come up with their teaching strategies and formats.

  • Our class policy requires teachers to teach learning concepts based on factual information. Lessons should not be based on assumptions and personal beliefs. Instead, instructors should considerably rely on well-researched information.

  • Further, classes should be conducted in a way that does not encourage biased perspectives. Instructors have an obligation of ensuring discrimination based on elements, such as opinions and beliefs, does not take place. Thus, a teacher should not create a suitable space for discrimination to occur.

  • Classes should not be a platform for teachers to instill their personal views on students. There are times when students may ask an instructor regarding their personal views on sensitive matters. Nevertheless, a teacher is expected to deflect such a question to avoid influencing the learners towards one side.

  • Content used for classes should be mindful of other people’s emotions. Learning concepts should be presented in a way that is not sensationalized.

  • Kidimy focuses on providing high-quality education to our learners and can only be achieved through ensuring teachers use accurate information in classrooms.

Age-appropriate Classes

The class content policy should also put the age of learners into consideration.

  • Teaching materials should be age-appropriate in the sense that they should not have disturbing content ranging from texts to images.

  • In any case, parents have an issue with the content of reading materials, such as sexual and political matters, instructors are obligated to provide clarity.


  • Teachers have an obligation of seeking permission in regard to their teaching contents before using any of them in class.

  • Using copyrighted content without permission violates the institution’s policy and can result in undesirable consequences such as probation.

  • A teacher can make use of unique language when teaching since this boosts creativity among learners.


Sensitive Topics

  • Sensitive topics are not allowed on the learning platform. Often, these kinds of issues tend to require substantial levels of scrutiny before teaching.

  • Some of these sensitive topics include sex education, life experiences regarding marginalized groups, drugs, medicine, mental wellness, as well as physical health.


Safety Hazards

  • Instructors are obligated to provide safety techniques for classes that are considered to present substantial risks and hazards to students. Some of these lessons include, though, are not limited to driving as well as swimming classes.


Pseudoscience and Supernatural Topics

  • Topics relating to pseudoscience and supernatural aspects should not be presented as facts since they are not scientifically proven.

Refund Policy

At Kidimy, one of our primary goals is to make sure that our students are satisfied. Our institution supports options when it comes to the issue of refunds. As a community that values transparency, the refund policy’s primary purpose of ensuring that the student has a satisfactory experience.

Standard Refund Terms & Conditions

Our classroom policy is formulated in a manner that advocates for respect amongst each other regardless of one’s different background and beliefs.​

  • 100% – Refund available within the first 24 hours of registering, assuming class has not started and you have not attended any sessions.

  • 100%  full refund if an instructor makes a class cancellation in advance.

  • If the class is rescheduled, your registration funds will go towards the new class date. If unable to attend a new date, please contact Kidimy to discuss.

  • At Kidimy, the quantity also matters. Therefore, if an instructor fails to meet the targeted number of classroom meetings when enrolling for the class, pro-rated refunds are available upon request.

  • If an instructor has canceled a class meeting that is in progress, the refund is typically determined based on the percentage of the canceled class meetings that have been paid.

  • No refunds are given to those students who miss more than 3 consecutive classes without informing the instructor.

  • Students are not entitled to a refund in case they fail to join a meeting for the first 15 minutes of the class.

  • With a student’s consent, an instructor can transfer to another class, should that instructor recommend.

Refund Policies and Termination of Classes

Kidmy is a respectful organization that values the decision of its students. Kidimy offers different kinds of refund policies that are applicable in instances when a student has chosen to withdraw from a class.

  • Flexible: A full refund is applicable within 24 hours of registration until the class meetings commence.

  • Limited: A refund of 50%  can also be considered up to one week after the classes started.

Continuing Courses

For continuing courses, charges are done weekly, and you can withdraw from making future payments at any time. As for charges made in the past, refunds are primarily based on a teacher’s discretion.

Contact Us

We greatly value positive experiences, especially for our students. Kindly contact us with any concerns: learn@kidimy.com